Game Box Customization

To offer to your clients, your colleagues, or to promote your commitment to cybersecurity, we offer the customization of your game boxes from the Cyberwargame range, from displaying your logo to white-labeling.


Visual Customization

You can add the distinctive touch of your company by placing your logo on our existing game boxes. This visual customization is an excellent way to promote your brand while helping to raise awareness about cybersecurity among your audience.

Cyber Duel game box personalized by the Normandy region with their logo

Full Customization

For even more targeted awareness, we offer full customization of our games. You can change the complete graphics of the game so that they perfectly match your brand image or employer brand. Turn cybersecurity awareness into a unique experience tailored to your audience.

Cyber Wargame customized in its entirety for Thales, the new game is called CyberGame aWAReness
Serious game CyberGame aWareness deployed as a customized version of Cyber Wargame

How does it work?

We meet for an initial appointment to refine and define your request in order to establish a precise estimate and the specifications. The rest is in our hands!