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Raising awareness about cybersecurity while having fun

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Cyber Wargame


We make you experience learning through simulation with real-life scenarios.

Cyber Wargame


Our games are played in groups to unite around the common challenges of cybersecurity.

Cyber Wargame


Competition is a powerful motivator. We promote player involvement for better learning.

They play Cyber Wargame

Cyber Wargame experience a hit with users

99% of users recommend the game to their professional contacts

Average rating for game experience: 4.7

Suite à l'animation du serious game Cyber Wargame par Game Partners, les clients ont noté leur expérience, donnant une moyenne de 4,7/5 / Following Game Partners' animation of the Cyber Wargame serious game, customers rated their experience, giving an average of 4.7/5

Our range of Cyber Wargame games

Games to raise awareness among all audiences about the challenges of cybersecurity.

Cyber Wargame, the benchmark in cyber gaming!

Cyber Wargame – FR

A game to raise awareness among employees about cybersecurity risks in a professional environment.


The English version of the cyber security serious game, Cyber Wargame.

Cyber Wargame – EN

The English version of our best-seller.


Cyber Wargame Online is a serious game designed to raise awareness of cybersecurity, accessible wherever you are.

Cyber Wargame Online

The online version of Cyber Wargame to play with your teams around the world.


Cyber Duel is a game for young and old alike that raises awareness of cybersecurity in the personal sphere.

Cyber Duel – FR

A card game designed to raise awareness among the general public about cybersecurity.


The English version of the cyber game, Cyber Duel.

Cyber Duel – EN

The English version of the card game to raise awareness among all audiences.


Cyber Crisis, the serious game on cyber crisis management

Cyber Crisis

A game that lets you immerse yourself in a cyber crisis scenario within a fictitious company.


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