Cyber Wargame Online, the online version of the serious game Cyber Wargame
Online Version – 1st Edition

Cyber Wargame Online


Cyber Wargame Online is an online version of the Cyber Wargame card game, specially designed to provide employees and teams with an immersive cybersecurity awareness experience in a virtual and remote environment. This online adaptation allows you to explore the challenges of cybersecurity in an ever-evolving digital world.

  • 4 players
  • English – French
  • Duration: 20 minutes

Game Features

Interactive Training

Cyber Wargame Online provides high-quality interactive cybersecurity training. Players immerse themselves in realistic cyberattack scenarios and learn how to respond to digital threats.

Virtual Collaboration

Bring together teams from around the world to collaborate on cybersecurity missions. Virtual communication is encouraged to solve complex problems.

Secure Environment

Designed with robust security protocols, Cyber Wargame Online ensures that your data and sensitive information remain protected during the game.

Details and Available Formats

Game Content

  • A dedicated environment hosted on our servers, accessible from a computer (PC/Mac) using a simple browser

Cyber Wargame Online goes beyond the card game by offering a complete online cybersecurity awareness experience. Explore, learn, and strengthen your company’s security in a realistic virtual environment. Cybersecurity is a priority, and Cyber Wargame Online is here to help you prepare your business for digital challenges.