Game Partners is a company that designs and publishes serious games, and has developed the Cyber Wargame range.

About Game Partners

Passionate about board games and convinced of their potential as a pedagogical tool, we began our journey in 2018 in the design and publishing of serious games.

Our main ambition is to inject into the field of training and education all the qualities that have long made board games successful: boundless creativity, smooth and stimulating game mechanics, captivating and meticulous design, as well as exemplary manufacturing quality.

We started by developing custom games tailored to the specific issues of our clients before expanding our range to offer our first “ready-to-use” games, accessible to everyone.

Our creations cater to educational institutions, businesses, and local communities looking to train, raise awareness, or inform in a fun and effective manner on specific topics.

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The team

Arnaud Barrès, Associate Director and Co-dounder of Game Partners

Arnaud Barrès

Associate Director and Co-founder

Pierre Dudit, Associate Director and Co-founder of Game Partners

Pierre Dudit

Associate Director and Co-founder

Marketing and Communication Manager in Game Partners

Océane Pardelinha

Marketing and Communication Manager

Ugo Dorain, Customer Relationship Manager in Game Partners

Ugo Dorain

Customer Relationship Manager