About Cyber Wargame

Cyber Wargame has been developed by Game Partners to offer an innovative, fun approach to companies wishing to raise their employees’ awareness of cybersecurity.

Logo de l'entreprise Game Partners, la créatrice de cette gamme de serious games sur la cybersécurité. C'est une entreprise qui conçoit et édite des serious games sur diverses thématiques. / Logo for Game Partners, the creator of this range of cybersecurity serious games. The company designs and publishes serious games on a variety of themes.

Game Partners behind Cyber Wargame

Game Partners‘ main ambition is to inject into the field of training and education all the qualities that have long made board games such a success: boundless creativity, fluid and stimulating game mechanisms, captivating and meticulous design, and exemplary manufacturing quality.

A range designed with experts

The Cyber Wargame range was conceived and developed by Game Partners, with the support and contribution of the Cyber Campus of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, experts in cybersecurity.

Logo du Campus Régional de Cybersécurité et de Confiance Numérique Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Logo of the Regional Campus for Cybersecurity and Digital Confidence in New Aquitaine
Logo de notre partenaire canadien Popp3r Cybersecurity / Logo of our Canadian partner Popp3r Cybersecurity

A Canadian partnership

Since 2023, Game Partners has partnered with Popp3r Cybersecurity, specialists in cybersecurity consulting in Canada, to extend the reach of its Cyber Wargame range in North America. Already established in Niort, Paris and Montreal, this partnership gives us the opportunity to explore new horizons.

The team

Arnaud Barrès, Directeur associé et co-fondateur de Game Partners / Arnaud Barrès, Managing Partner and co-founder of Game Partners

Arnaud Barrès

Associate Director and Co-founder

Pierre Dudit, Directeur associé et co-fondateur de Game Partners / Pierre Dudit, Managing Partner and co-founder of Game Partners

Pierre Dudit

Associate Director and Co-founder

Clélie Maesano, Business developer internation chez Game Partners / Clélie Maesano, international business developer at Game Partners

Clélie Maesano

International business developer

Ugo Dorain, Chargé d'affaires chez Game Partners / Ugo Dorain, Business Manager at Game Partners

Ugo Dorain

Business Manager