Serious Games Animation

Bring dynamic cybersecurity into your company! Our cybersecurity serious game animation service offers a fun and interactive immersion, enabling your team to reinforce their skills while having fun. Our team is on hand to run customized sessions, guaranteeing effective, practical awareness of security issues.

Animation du serious game Cyber Wargame qui sensibilise à la cybersécurité / Animation of the Cyber Wargame serious game to raise awareness of cybersecurity


Opting for serious game animation offers the opportunity to transform a cybersecurity event or workshop into a captivating, interactive experience. By choosing this approach, you can test and approve the game directly, benefiting from an experience led by the designers themselves. This guarantees optimal immersion, in-depth understanding of the issues and active participation, boosting the effectiveness of cybersecurity awareness within your organization.


Our serious game animations are designed for a diverse audience, including executives and managers for Cyber Crisis, as well as future game animators and trainers, and students in cybersecurity, digital, or management. Accessible to all users of IT resources, our sessions are designed without any specific knowledge prerequisites.

Arnaud Barrès animating a Cyber Wargame serious game
Animation de Cyber Wargame afin de vivre une expérience unique et ludique afin de se sensibiliser à la cybersécurité / Cyber Wargame animation for a unique, fun experience to raise awareness of cybersecurity

Experience content

As part of the Cyber Wargame animation, the session will begin with an introduction and presentation of the game. Next, you’ll play 2 or more games, alternating roles between defenders and attackers according to the time available. Finally, the session will close with a knowledge quiz followed by a debriefing.

As for the Cyber Crisis session, it will start with an introduction and presentation of the game. Then, we’ll proceed with the distribution of roles by setting the context. Then we’ll run through the scenario before concluding with an assessment and debriefing.


How does it work?

We meet for an initial appointment to refine and define your request in order to establish a precise estimate and the specifications. The rest is in our hands!