Cyber Crisis, the serious game that prepares you for cyber crisis management

Cyber Crisis


Cyber Crisis immerses players in a cyber crisis scenario within a fictitious company.
Playing the roles of the company’s top executives – General Management, Customer Management, Communication Management, Information Systems Management and Production Management – players will have to react to the various events in the scenario.
Effective communication, making the right decisions at the right time, and finding the best strategy will be the keys to limiting the impact of the crisis.

  • 5 players
  • French
  • Duration : 1h30

Game Specificity

An immersive experience

Players are plunged into a real cyber crisis. Their role allocation at the start of the game will determine their options for action during the game, combining stress management and reflection.

Cooperation and collaboration at the heart of the game

Five directions are represented in the game, and players will have to communicate, convince and discuss to make the right decisions collectively.

Crisis management from A to Z

When should crisis management be implemented? When and how to communicate with internal and external stakeholders? How to react to events and facts? The scenario traces the sequence of events and their consequences, as well as the various actions and choices proposed to the players up to its conclusion.

A real-life scenario

The game was developed in partnership with Cap Cobra, experts in cyber crisis management. All the elements of the scenario are inspired by real-life cases, to prepare for realistic cyber-attack scenarios.

Box Contents

  • Mat
  • 76 cards: 7 facts, 8 choices, 16 actions, 41 events, 4 useful info
  • 4 wooden blocks
  • 5 role cards
  • 4 useful info cards
  • Rules booklet

Cyber Crisis is more than a game, it’s an immersive cyber crisis management experience. Cooperation and understanding between players are essential for a successfully managed crisis. Avoiding the pitfalls of the scenario, communicating, analyzing and studying options will also be necessary if the impact of the crisis is to be controlled.